Before heading to Great Britain DB-Team Selkämaa went to Alastaro and did some testing on the bike. We’ve been suffering a minor ignition failure since Hockenheim and Hungary and now it could be identified. One of the magnetos wasn’t working properly but we could fix it just before Santa Pod. That’s why we had much more power to use than ever but our clutch was first very much too soft for this amount of power and weren’t able to find any good set up during the first qualifying day. We lost the grip during both runs and 7,049s remained our best time of the day. Unfortunately, our Saturday’s qualifying rounds didn’t went any better due to a failure in the gear box. So we ended in seventh place in the qualifying session.

In the first elimination round Kai was to face Ian King who’d run an excellent time of 6,121s in the qualifying. We decided to take a risk and use higher nitro-percent in order to get out more power. Unfortunately it didn’t pay off. The round went up in smoke straight from the start and as Kai opened the throttle again the engine got totally broken. So Ian took an easy win and Kai was out after the first round. Peter Svensson won the race and Ian King became European Champion.

DB-Team Selkämaa ended up in sixth in EM-series. The result quite a reasonable considering the fact that we didn’t attend the first race due to financial problems. But now, we’ve already begun preparations for next season. During the winter we’ll put a lot of work on the technical parts of the bike and next year our goal is to attend all races in EM-series.


In 2010 DB-Team Selkämaa will drive full European Championship-series.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy


EXTREME WEEKEND 21st-23rd of August 2009 – KUNMADARAS (HUNGARY)!





Kai Selkämaa celebrated his first career podium in Top Fuel Bike at the UEM-race at Kunmadaras in Hungary. In addition, DB-Team Selkämaa moved up to fourth place in the FIM/UEM point standings before the last race of the year at Santa Pod. Kunmadaras was the first ever FIM/UEM-race in Hungary. During the first day’s qualifying the track was very slippery but fortunately the grip was improving throughout the race.

After qualifying round Kai was third with 7,176s after Ian King (GB) and Rene van der Berg (NL). On Sunday’s first elimination Selkämaa run against Rikard Gustafsson from Sweden on Turbo Suzuki. Selkämaa took the win with his new personal best 6,957s / 316,14km/h, Gustafsson finished with 8,476s. On the next round Kai was to face the UEM-second in point standings, Rene van der Berg on his nitrobike. It was an even start and they both run very well. Selkämaa won this run with 7,044s as van der Berg finished with 7,217s.

However, just before the final run we found a minor failure of the inlet valve but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time left to fix the problem. In the final he was to face the four-time European Champion Ian King, who’d made six second times during the whole weekend and he continued in the same way in the final run. Anyhow, King took the win with an excellent time 6,534s as Selkämaa had to be content with quite a reasonable time 7,064s.

The last race in UEM-serie will be held at Santa Pod on 10th-13th of September 2009. DB-Team Selkämaa is heading there in order to defend their 4th place in final point standings from last year.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy

NITROLYMPX 14th-16th of August 2009 – HOCKENHEIM (D)!





DB-Team Selkämaa attended Nitrolympx in Hockenheim very confident but was to suffer from problems with cylinder head at every run. That’s why the times weren’t very satisfying and the team wasn’t able to give their best. Four Top Fuel Bike –riders were invited to attend the race and Kai qualified third with 7,495s. Ian King run the fastest time 6,296s and Rene van der Berg became second with 7,458s. Eric Teboul had some problems with his bike, too, and run only 10,459s. So the final was number one in qualifying round, Ian King on Top Fuel Bike against the fastest Super Twin -rider Lorenz Stäuble. Ian King took the win with a solo run as Stäuble broke during the burn out.

DB-Team Selkämaa will next attend the fourth UEM-race that will be held at Kunmadaras in Hungary. Before the next race the team will get a repaired and slightly modified cylinder head so we should have all chances of success and six second times.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy





DB-Team Selkämaa has high hopes heading into NitrOlympX –event at Hockenheim because of it’s special atmosphere and lots of drag racing fans. After the Veidec festival at Mantorp we’ve a done a several changes on our bike but the most visible of them is the colours of the bike thanks to our new partner, one of the leading car tuning and racing parts import and distribution company in Finland ( The new painting of our bike is made by Starpaint colours imported by We’ve also made some technical changes on our bike. The cylinder head has been totally rebuilt and strengthened. In addition, the gear box that went broken at Mantorp has been rebuilt too with new parts. Great thanks to Per Bengtsson ( for fast delivery of the parts. Special thanks to Erikoishitsaus/Jäähdytinhuolto Raatikainen and JPS-Motors!

So the bike is in good shape now and despite the disappointments at Mantorp we’re ready to fight again. We think that we’re able to run even low six second times there if everything goes as planned. Although the Hockenheim event doesn’t belong to the UEM-serie we’re going to take the competition seriously and we hope all the spectators will enjoy a great Drag Racing Show.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy

VEIDEC FESTIVAL 23rd –24th of July 2009 – MANTORP PARK (S)!

DB-Team Selkämaa was heading into Mantorp with great expectations – we’d done well at Alastaro – and now we’re hoping to finish in the top four. Particularly as we like to think that the shorter 1/8 mile distance suits us well. However, the team wasn’t quite happy with the race as we had problems with handling of the bike all the way except the first qualifying round.

Kai’s best run of the weekend was in this first run - 4.695s and he qualified sixth. In his second qualifying round he suffered from heavy tyre shake due to the clutch slippage. After this we changed the clutch and were using new kind of clutch plates. As we never used them before we neither had any experience nor knowledge of the optimum adjustment. Not surprisingly, the clutch was too tight for the next run and after sixty feet (1,09s) we hit tyre shake again.

We suffered from tyre shake during the whole weekend and that’s why weren’t able to do our best against Ian King in the first elimination round. We thought that the tyre shake were caused by the clutch problems but later, back home we discovered that the gear box was totally broken and probably the reason for all the problems. New spare parts are already on their way and we’ll be able to fix it before next race.

Despite all the problems Kai is currently seventh in the UEM point standings although the team weren’t able to attend the first event. Next we are heading to Germany as an invitee of NitrOlymX event in Hockenheim on 14th – 16th of August. Our goal in Hockenheim is to run six second times and improve our record from Alastaro as well. After that our next UEM event will be at Kunmadaras in Hungary on 21st-23rd of August.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy




DB-Team Selkämaa’s first appearance of the season resulted in their very first six second time. Kai made a good run in his second qualifying round with a 6,975s / 311,55km/h and so he became the third Finnish rider ever who has made a six second time.

The racing is always exciting and our record time at Alastaro didn’t come that easy. In the only qualifying round on Friday we run on extremely soft set up as we just wanted to do some testing with the bike. However, during this run oil pressure fell down caused by the broken oil filter. That resulted in broken crankshaft bearings in order to that we had to take apart the whole motor and rebuilt it. The team worked really hard over the night and during the next day and it was at the last minute we managed to get the bike in shape and ready for the second qualifying round on Saturday. At this run Kai broke his own record and was finally placed fourth in qualifying.

During Sunday’s first elimination round DB-Team Selkämaa felt very confident. The six second qualifying time had been made on extremely soft set up and there would be plenty of room of improvement. We were to face Rene van der Berg from Netherlands and Kai was leading clearly all the way up to 1/8 mile. Unfortunately at four seconds nitro pressure on the bike dropped without warning to zero due to that the cut off switch had failed and the bike didn’t get any fuel. So Rene van der Berg passed him and won the run with a 7,650s.

Despite we didn’t get any further in the first elimination round and all the technical problems we can after all be quite happy with our performance at Alastaro. At this race the bike was running straight and it’s definitely got potential for even better times. We’re planning to attend Mantorp in Sweden, NitrOlympX in Hockenheim in Germany and even the Extreme Weekend in Hungary. In case we could manage it financially, it would be nice to go to Santa Pod in UK as well!

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy


SEASON 2009!

Season 2009 is still little bit "under construction", because lack of sponsors at the moment. Bike would be a ready for races, but that is not all needed for racing. Near future plans are anyway to drive test at Alastaro (Finland) on June 6.-7.6.2009. Hopefully all other things will be ready in a near future too...

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy


FIA European Finals 4th-7th of September at Santa Pod Raceway UK!



DB-Team Selkämaa ( took the fourth place in EM-series at the rainy Santa Pod race. The whole race weekend was about to rain out but luckily the weather improved on Sunday so that it was possible to run one qualifying round and one elimination round. DB-Team Selkämaa earned enough points to finish fourth in the EM-series in their first season.

At Santa Pod the team decided to change the lock-up on the clutch to operate by relay. Unfortunately Kai couldn’t test the new lock-up due to the rain. He was to run the only qualifying right away. Lock-up worked fine thanks to Harry Räikkönen who helped us to install it. But Kai wasn’t used to it and shut off too early. However, the time was 7,185s and he became fifth in qualifying. He also ran his best top speed 331,42 km/h. As Eric Teboul had some problems with the engine and placed 11th in elimination round, Kai overtook him in the final point standings and finished fourth.

During the first elimination round Kai shut off and on again while trying to get used to the new lock-up. Due to this we were beaten by Chris Hall. Kai got 7,182s and Hall 7,039s. During this run Kai also got his best 60ft on this bike 1,039s which tells us that those few adjustments we made to the bike throughout the season seemed to be correct. In additon, it was the second best 60ft at the whole race. After this round the rain took over again and the race was stopped.

Great thanks to Steve Porter, technician from Eagle Racing, who helped us a lot at Santa Pod as some of our crew members couldn’t come along this time. Thanks go to Timo Lehtimäki ( for lending his transport vehicle and Rikard Gustafsson ( for his motorbike for towing. In addition, we would like to thank our spronsors who made this season possible: Fastems Oy (, ST-Koneistus Oy (, Bahco (, Vuorenmaa Yhtiöt Oy (, Tallink (, Bike Doctor (, Eastlands Engineering (, PME Oy (, Carpino Oy ( ja Metallivälitys Lähdemaa & Aarnio

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy


NitrOlympX 15th-17th of August at Hockenheim in Germany!



DB-Team Selkämaa had a bit of bad luck in the biggest Drag Racing event in Europe, at Hockenheim in Germany on 15th-17th August . Friday rained out so we couldn’t make any practise run and hadn’t any chance to get used to the track in advance either. In the first run the clutch was slightly damaged during the burn out and the time was a poor 8,497s / 223km/h, the only registered time that Kai recorded at the race. In the second run Kai probably would’ve got a better time but due to inclined track and some problems with the clutch he crossed the centre line and the time wasn’t measured. In the first run on Sunday Kai had no time due to so called technical problems on the starting tree: the set up for stage position was far too short and Kai got a red light  - in no way his own fault!

Unfortunately, this was his best run of the whole weekend but he had no time for it. However, the team decided not to ask if it would’ve been possible to make another run as Kai after all couldn’t go into the final round due to those earlier problems. The second run on Sunday once again resulted in crossing the centreline.


Despite all Hockenheim NitrOlympX was a very positive experience. It was a great, well organized event and there was a lot of spectators at the race. Despite all the problems DB-Team Selkämaa wanted to offer the public a great show. Among other things, Kai made one of his longest burn outs ever and got a big round of applause from the audience. DB-Team Selkämaa would like to thank all the sponsors for their support who made it possible for us to attend this great event: Fastems Oy (, ST-Koneistus Oy (, Bahco (, Vuorenmaa Yhtiöt Oy (, Tallink (, Bike Doctor (, Eastlands Engineering (, PME Oy (, Carpino Oy ( ja Metallivälitys Lähdemaa & Aarnio. Special thanks go to our new sponsors who helped with our travel arrangements to Hockenheim: Bomber Magazine ( ja Richa Nordic Oy ( Thanks also to Ismo Mäenpää and Rapamäki Racing Team ( for lending their motor home to Mantorp, Gardemoen and Hockenheim.


Our next race will be the last event of the year in UEM-serie at Santa Pod in UK on 4th-7th of September. Kai is fifth in UEM point standings and the margins are very small. DB-Team Selkämaa is going into Santa Pod in order to keep the fifth place and we’ll try to run our first time of 6s.


DB-Team Selkämaa (

Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy





Unfortunately the fourth FIM/UEM race at Gardemoen in Norway was cut short due to the weather conditions. On Friday there were two qualifying sessions in UEM-classes, but Saturday and Sunday rained out. So the UEM points were awarded based on qualifying positions.

For DB-Team Selkämaa this was a big disappointment as the bike was in top shape after Mantorp and it would’ve been interesting to see its potential at full 1/4 mile race distance. At Gardemoen during his first starts Kai was trying to find a good set up for the track and he couldn’t made any full run. Despite this he qualified as fifth and at the same time he moved up to a fine fifth place in UEM point standings.

At Gardemoen Kai set his best time during the first run despite the fact that he was to get used to track and the reason why he shut off at 300 meters. However, the time was surprisingly good 7,105s / 238,5km/h. In addition, Kai broke his record at 1/8 mile with a 4,34s. In the second qualifying round the team was doing some testing with a different kind of set up for the lock-up on the clutch and that’s why the bike lost grip already in the beginning of the track and time wasn’t any better than 8,4s.

The last UEM-race of the year takes place at Santa Pod in UK on September 4th-7th. In UEM point standings can anything happen. The European Championship is going to be a battle between Rikard Gustafsson and Ian King who’ve already run away from their competitors. Within 15 points, fighting for the 3rd-6th places, are Peter Svensson, Eric Teboul, Kai Selkämaa and Peter Andersson Ström, who all have the chance to take the third place. With a perfect weather we are going to see an exiting race at Santa Pod in the beginning of September.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy




DB-Team Selkämaa had a great weekend at Mantorp Park in Sweden despite some earlier problems before the race. On Wednesday morning when we tried to start the engine we found that there was no oil pressure at all. However we didn’t have so much time to work on the bike before leaving for Mantorp. We had to catch the ferry to Stockholm and decided to handle the problem in the pit area at Mantorp next day. Later on Thursday it turned out that there was a failure on the oil pump. Luckily, we were able to repair it during Thursday evening. Thanks to Eric Teboul who helped us a lot!

On Friday the first qualifying round went up in smoke straight from the start due to too much clutch. Our rider Kai Selkämaa performed very professionally and shut off in time and he managed to avoid any damages to the engine. That’s why the engine remained undamaged which was certainly appreciated by the team’s technicians. The second qualifying round went quite well but Kai shut the throttle a bit too early which was the reason for the quite a poor top speed 211,11km/h. The time was 4,648s and he placed sixth in the elimination round.

In the first round on Saturday the bike didn’t run quite straight and time wasn’t as good as we expected. Kai had to turn the throttle on and off all the way. It really was a pity because the sixty-foot time of 1,060s was very promising. In the second round he got a beautiful start but the clutch slipped too much all the way which resulted in quite a modest sixty-foot time of 1,113s. Despite all this Kai managed to improve his time to 4,614s / 232,90km/h and kept his position as sixth in qualifying. As a whole we were really happy with our qualifying rounds. We were pleased to be placed number six among fourteen racers in our first season in the Top Fuel Bike class.

For Sunday’s elimination rounds we had a new clutch and in the first round Kai was to face the reigning European Champion Rikard Gustafsson. Rikard won the run with 4,255s / 283,87km/h but Kai also made a good run and set a personal best of 4,392s / 274,53km/h. Unfortunately the Racepak-data logging system on our bike was out of function during the whole weekend so we couldn’t gather any data of the runs. This was quite harmful for us especially concerning the last run because we really know that there would’ve been a lot of potential on the bike for a much better performance. Without data logging we weren’t able to analyse why the time wasn’t any better. We are going to fix it before the next race at Gardemoen.

At the moment Kai Selkämaa is number six in the UEM point standings but the margins are very small and he’s got all the possibilities to be placed among the top three in the UEM series. DB-Team Selkämaa is very confident going into Gardemoen as the bike ran well without any trouble at Mantorp. In addition, Kai got very useful experience of the vehicle and had several, really good runs. And now, DB-Team Selkämaa is heading to Gardemoen in order to search their first elimination round win!

After a very nice race weekend we want to give special thanks to Ian King, Eric Teboul and many other friends in the TFB class for their great help and advice with the bike at Mantorp Park. We also want to thank our sponsors for all their help and support: Fastems Oy (, ST-Koneistus Oy (, Bahco (, Vuorenmaa Yhtiöt Oy (, Tallink (, Bike Doctor (, Eastands Engineering (, PME Oy ( ja Metallivälitys Lähdemaa & Aarnio.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy

08.07.2008 FHRA NITRO NATIONALS 3.-6.7.2008 – ALASTARO (FIN)!

The second Drag Racing FIM/UEM European Championships took place last weekend in front of home audience at Alastaro Circuit. DB-Team Selkämaa wasn’t happy at all with their performance due to technical problems. Kai could run only one qualifying round on Friday and an other one on Saturday. During his first pass on Friday he got traction problems as the tyre went up in smoke straight from the start and the rear wheel smoked for the first eighth-mile. The time was only 8,25s and the top speed 223 km/h. During the pass cylinder head bolts got broken and the team had to skip the remaining qualifying sessions due to the repair work. Saturday’s first qualifying round didn’t start well as the bike moved already on the start line far too much to the right and Kai had to turn the throttle off in order to straighten the bike. Kai opened the throttle again and the bike run straight but once again the motor failed before the finish line. The time was 8,62s and the top speed 275 km/h. This time the damages turned out so bad that the team didn’t manage to get the bike in shape for elimination rounds on Sunday. Despite the fifth place in qualifying Kai couldn’t run any eliminations rounds on Sunday.

DB-Team Selkämaa’s next race will be FIM/UEM European Championships at Mantorp Park in Sweden on 24th-27th of July. During the coming weeks the team will analyse all the current problems: the engine will be taken to pieces and checked thoroughly. It will be rebuilt with new spare parts as carefully as possible. However the bike has turned out very fast when it works. A good start will be of great importance at Mantorp where the pass is only eighth-mile instead of the normal quarter-mile. Besides that, Kai usually records quick reaction times so if everything goes well there might be a chance for a big surprise at Mantorp.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy

19.06.2008 Santa Pod's opening race report !



FHRA Sonax Spring Nationals 17th -18th May 2008 – Motopark (FIN)

DB-Team Selkämaa attended season’s first Finnish Drag Racing Championship round at Motopark track in order to test the new Top Fuel-bike for FIA Main Event at Santa Pod. There weren´t Top Fuel Bike classes at Motopark but on Saturday the team managed to run a couple of tests. The purpose of these runs were to get the rider Kai Selkämaa used to the new vehicle and to ensure that the bike was technically okay. Unfortunately cylinder head got broken and the team couldn’t finish the test. However the team gained a lot of valuable experience of the new bike.

FIA Main Event 23rd –26th May 2008 – Santa Pod (GB)

The damaged cylinder head was repaired and the season’s first FIM/UEM Championship round took place at Santa Pod in England. There were two qualifying rounds in Top Fuel Bike on Saturday May 24th . Kai took the first run very carefully. The second one resulted in broken head gasket and fire rings blew up. The time was 9,124s and Kai qualified 11th.

Unfortunately the qualifying on Sunday and eliminations on Monday were cancelled due to the rain. That’s why UEM-points were counted only in qualifying and no one could gain an advantage in the point standings. This means that all competitors are going to Alastaro with very small margins.

FHRA Kamasa Tools Nationals 7th –8th June 2008 Alastaro (FIN)

DB-Team Selkämaa also attended the second Finnish race at Alastaro although Top Fuel Bike class wasn’t run at this time either. The team was looking forward to be seen in front of a home audience and run some tests before the coming FIM/UEM race at Alastaro on July. During the tests Kai had the same problem with the head gasket, but this time the team could find the problem and it will be fixed before the next race. The best time in tests were only 9,296s. However, concerning the coming races very critical sixty-foot times look promising and compare well with those in Europe.

DB-Team Selkämaa
Peltonen & Selkämaa Oy



Download DB-Team brochure HERE.



DB-Team Selkämaa finally got it's Top Fuel Bike in to Finland, that makes all team smiling. There is a lot work during the winter, because everything is new for DB-Team Selkämaa. The acquiring of bike came possible by cooperation with Tommi Peltonen from ST-Koneistus. Few photos added in to gallery.


In a Finnish final weekend Kai Selkämaa took everything what one man can get. Selkämaa won the race and also took his second Finnish Championship title.


That was not enough to Selkämaa, he also took Finnish record in Super Pro Street Bike-class with time 7.647 second / 301.94 km/h. Kai broke the old Finnish record four times during the weekend by clocking times 7.647, 7.650. 76.81 and 7.701.

31.08.2007 KAI SELKÄMAA 7.681s.!

In friday's qualification Kai Selkämaa rode the fastest time ever made in Finland at Super Pro Street Bike-class, time was 7.681 seconds and speed 298.82 km/h.


Sunday 19.08.2007 21.45
Kai Selkämaa couldn't make any passes on Sunday either. Now it is time to pack bike for transportation to Finland. Selkämaa is expecting to show bike in Finnish finals. In Finnish finals Kai concentrate for Super Pro Street Bike's Finnish Championship battle.

Sunday 19.08.2007 16:45
Kai Selkämaa didn't make any passed during the saturday, because time went in to changing bike, like moving footbegs etc.

Saturday 18.08.2007 11:48
Kai Selkämaa is in Virginia at the moment having test passes with his Top Fuel Bike (ex-Norbert Kutzera’s Top Fuel Bike). On Friday Kai passed just one 60-feet pass, having 1.12 second time on that. Kai’s comment after the pass was “I’d like that”.
DB-Team Selkämaa

Jouni Vesterlund


23.07.2007 KAI SELKÄMAA AND DB-TEAM SELKÄMAA steps up into Top Fuel!

The big news for fans of Top Fuel Bike in Europe is that Finnish Super Street Bike rider Kai Selkämaa has acquired the ex Sverre Dahl and latterly ex Norbert Kutzera Top Fuel Yamaha.

The bike that has run regular 6.3's and 220 mph whilst ridden by Norbert Kutzera in the US Prostar Championship and during NHRA exhibition became surplus to requirements when his son, who is a telanted Kart racer, began competing at the top level and Norbert decided to concentrate on his son's efforts.

The bike features a 1325cc Puma engine with an XS1100 Yamaha head, an Autorotor OA3150 2.3 RC blower, Bentec 2 speed geabox, Mallory magnetos and ART clutch.


Kai and his team are working on arranging a test for next weekend in Virginia, United States and hope the bike will be in Finland latest 31st of August for the Finnish finals where they may have the bike on display as it may be too early for Kai to race in anger.

It is planned that Kai will compete in the full UEM Dragbike series in TFB during 2008. 

DB-Team Selkämaa

Jouni Vesterlund


03.07.2007 Updates

Team info updated, also video updates.


02.07.2006 Alastaro, FHRA Nitro Nats
Selkämaa won FHRA Nitro Nationals with own record 7.890sec. More in few days.


30.06.2006 Alastaro, FHRA Nitro Nats
Selkämaa runs under 8 sec. (7,928sec.), read more report from


29.06.2006 Alastaro, FHRA Nitro Nats
Selkämaa on top after first day qualifigation, read more from


23.06.2006 Alastaro, Kamasa Tools Nats race report
Alastaro race report updated on races section - only finnish language, sorry. Also one video added in to gallery.


10.06.2006 Alastaro, Kamasa Tools Nats qualification
Selkämaa 5th. after qualification at Alastaro.


25.05.2006 Motopark, Sonax Spring Nats race report
Motopark's race report updated on races section - only finnish language, sorry.


21.05.2006 Motopark Race ended at semifinals
DB-Team Selkämaa's race ended in semifinals, when Hayabusa's engine blow.


20.05.2006 Saturday's qualification
Selkämaa first after saturday's qualification with time 8,671 seconds.


13.05.2006 Sponsor Update 
Bike is ready now for the first race. Bahco will start as a sponsor for season 2006.


30.03.2006 Sponsor Update
Aeon / Motokeidas has start sponsor relationship with DB-Team for season 2006.

14.02.2006 Sponsor Update 

Fastems Oy will continue as a sponsor of DB-Team also in season 2006.


07.12.2005 Sponsorit kaudella 2006 - Sponsors in season 2006

In season 2006 DB-Team Selkämaa will continue cooperation with ST-Koneistus, Richa Finland Oy, Bike Doctor and JVX Production. Rest of the sponsors are under negotiation.


01.11.2005 DB-Team Selkämaa's new www-site released !

Beginning of first of november we will update our www-site as a english language too.